living room “Floppion – 1”


Manufacturer: Furniture company “STYLE”
Color: Shim ash dark / White metallic gloss
If you want to drive the next drive with your phone while the phone is on, select “Repayment 1”. The living room “Floppion – 1” is designed by your face for the people, inspired by the furniture produced by the legendary Floccansia and perfected in the contemporary style.
The statue of the catechum of unrequited models, which can be used to deal with your emotions, is on any given account of the unpaid price. B The appliance of the mobile unit “Floatation 1” leads to a separate two pillars of the cabinet, divided into two parts. The central part of the composition consists of a unique timbre with the poles and boxes, the stool of which can be used for TV or intercoms. The third module is a real panel with a full area, which has negative controls on both sides. Complement the set of nevyvyskoy schaf, the most negatively reflecting the disjunction of the second glass, but having more than a generous otce for storing things.