Children’s Artek-2 – modular children’s furniture


Children’s Artek-2

Детская Артек-2

Children’s Artek-2 – modular children’s furniture

This is a modular set of furniture for children, adolescents and young people from the manufacturer of furniture “Silva”. What is important for children in their room? That the furniture was not boring and cheers up! That’s why Children’s Artek-2 is made in contrasting, bright and positive colors: Aqua, Coral, Lime and Len. In combination with the chipboard ash-shimo light. Complement this beauty of children’s furniture rounded white gloss from MDF production Turkey. Handles are made with the application of white enamel production Gamet Poland! One of the main advantages for the furniture of the children’s room is safety! All modules of Artek Children’s Furniture have the mechanism of Quadro Stop Control system manufactured by Hettich Germany, Quadro Stop Control is a built-in self-closing mechanism, automatically closes boxes securely and prevents their accidental opening. And as Artek furniture is equipped with the K-PUSH mechanism – press and open on the doors of Italiana Ferramenta production.

Children’s furniture set Artek consists of: Dimensions: (Sh.G.V.)

  1. НМ 014.61 Combined cabinet 1414х580х2100 mm
  2. НМ 014.54 Cabinet 578х362х2100 mm
  3. НМ 014.81 Table for the computer 1204х602х750 mm
  4. НМ 014.38 Bed 2030х844х752 mm