Bedroom Camellia

Bedroom Camellia – a good combination of price and quality! A capacious wardrobe, a large bed with two bedside tables, a comfortable chest of drawers, a dressing table with a triple mirror.

The bedroom furniture set includes:
4-wing case with drawers (WxHxD): 1600x2020x500
Bed with a block and curbstones (ШхВхГ): 2330х990х2220
Spring mattress: 1600х2000х180 (“Bonol” or “Prime”)
Chest of drawers (ШхВхГ): 800х800х420
Dressing table (ШхВхГ): 800х1640х440
The cabinet is made of two sections, one part with shelves, the other is the bar, for the hangers, at the bottom of the cabinet there are two spacious drawers, which makes the cabinet roomy and very convenient to use.

The bed has a bedside unit with curbstones, bedside unit there are compartments for laundry, curbstones can be placed separately from the bed, they have drawers, which is very convenient for various trifles. The bottom of the bed is made of shields, which makes the structure durable and reliable in use.

The mattress in the default set “Bonel” option for choosing a mattress “Prime” or without a mattress
Mattress “Bonel”
Block of dependent springs “Bonel”
Height: 170mm
Load 90kg for 1 berth
Stiffness: medium
Mattress “Prime”
OrtopSoft 7mm
Independent spring system PS500
Reinforced perimeter
Height: 150mm
Load 100kg per 1 sleeping place
Stiffness: medium
The chest of drawers is made in classical style with three drawers

Dressing table has a treble mirror, as well as two drawers in which you can arrange as cosmetics and not great things or objects. In the set with a table comes an ottoman-stool.