Afina 2

The bedroom includes:


Wardrobe 3-fold: Ш1500хВ2100хГ500
Double bed: Ш1650хВ800хГ2030
Spring mattress: 1600х2000х180
Chest of drawers: Ш800хВ800хГ420
Mirror in the frame: В700хШ800
Bedside table (2 pieces): 400х420х420

Facades of MDF
Case of chipboard

Facades – White gloss
Body – wenge

Bedroom Athena


The bedroom of Athena is a luxurious double bed, an orthopedic mattress, a large roomy three-winged wardrobe with a large mirror, two bedside tables, a chest of drawers equipped with four drawers can be used as a dressing table and a hanging mirror in the frame.

Color scheme: MDF facades – Bleached oak, Corps – Wenge

Athena – a cozy bedroom set made in a classical style. Exquisite facades of MDF give the bedroom Athena a special charm. And if you take into account its affordable price, then we can say with certainty that the bedroom Athena – profitable in all respects purchase with a limited budget. This high quality furniture at a low price!

Material MDF – environmentally friendly material, as an additional binder is not used. They are lignin, which is part of the wood. It is produced by dry pressing of fine-dispersed wood chips at high temperature and pressure. Well processed. Due to moisture resistance and mechanical characteristics it surpasses natural wood. MDF is difficult to fire, bio-resistant, weather resistant and cheaper than wood. MDF is a plate material made of dried wood fibers treated with synthetic binders and formed in the form of a carpet with the subsequent hot pressing (density 700 … 870 kg / m 3) and grinding. Bedroom with MDF facades is more reliable and beautiful!