Bedroom Isabel 2

Bedroom Isabel 2

Product No .: 4251
Спальня Изабель 2

Bedroom set Isabel-2

An attractive set of bedroom furniture Isabel 2, which features high quality, functionality and unusual original design, which is perfect for any bedroom. In the complete set there are all necessary elements for a high-grade bedroom. Double bed with a high headboard on the legs, thanks to the anatomical base will provide a comfortable rest and a full sleep. Two bedside tables with drawers. A spacious chest of drawers with four spacious drawers will help to lay out any things: from bed linen to cosmetics. The wardrobe with two doors has two compartments: one with a mezzanine shelf and a horizontal bar for clothes, the other is equipped with five shelves for storing bed linen and other things.

The modular bedroom consists of five separate positions:

  1. Bed IZ-01,
  2. Bedside table IZ-02 2 pcs.
  3. Chest of drawers IZ-04,
  4. Closet compartment IZ-06.