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Manufacturer: Compass
Material: Chipboard, MDF
Sleeping area: 800 x 2000 mm

Price: 78979 rub.

Availability: In Stock

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Modular bedroom in Provence style “Assol”

A stylish white set of bedroom furniture, made in the style of Provence – is able to bring to the interior of your room an atmosphere of tenderness, lightness and refinement. All facades of doors and drawers are made with 3D milling in the form of a three-dimensional carved pattern reminiscent of lace embroidery, adding a set of furniture of weightlessness and charm. The modular bedroom set consists of 8 separate elements, which can be purchased separately or as a complete set.

  • An attractive two-door wardrobe will allow you to rationally place all things. Behind the swinging doors there is a comfortable mezzanine shelf for headgear, a clothes bar, at the bottom of the cabinet there are two drawers for clothes and clothes.
  • Desk with drawers.
  • An elegant white mirror in a rectangular frame with a three-dimensional pattern on the facade will be an additional decoration in the interior of the room.
  • A beautiful stylish rack with open shelves and two drawers is perfect for placing books, family photo albums or decor elements.
  • A charming modern one-door wardrobe is equipped with two drawers, and behind the opening door with glass inserts there are three shelves for placement.
  • Exquisite bedside table on the round legs is equipped with two drawers.
  • A practical, comfortable single bed with a high headboard and a footrest. A modern large chest of drawers with four spacious drawers for storing bed linen, towels and other things.

The Assol furniture set includes the following modules:

  1. Cabinet Assol AS-02, the size: Ш832 х Г516 х В2100 mm
  2. Desk writing Assol AC-06, size: Ш1100 х Г600 х В750 mm
  3. Mirror Assol AS-08, the size: Ш1000 х Г32 х В800 mm
  4. Pencil open Assol AS-03, size: W832 x D416 x V2100 mm
  5. Penal Assol AS-01 with glass, size: W532 x D416 x V2100 mm
  6. Bedside table Assol AS-04, size: W450 x D350 x V450 mm
  7. Bed Assol AS-09, the size: Ш2042 х Г900 х В854 mm
  8. Chest Assol AS-05, size: W800 x D500 x V800 mm
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